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The Crucifix Tour

I can confidently say that my passion for lace is only combated by that of leather. Those two now dominate my closet, with pleasure. Having an edgy style all throughout my teenage-hood have only began to soften during my early college years. My -excess- use of Converse shoes, denim, and statement t-shirts suddenly were replaced by my passion to everything soft and feminine. Somehow, high school was not the medium I blossomed in as a gothic, and college worked its magic on the girl in me.

Even until now, leather is still a weakness I can’t -& don’t want to- get over. However, it now encompasses a rather classier approach like this outfit here. My passion for unique leather jackets that are stacked in my closet by the dozen, is now directed towards leather accessories and other goods: shoes and arm-candy! That is why I totally fell for this brand the moment I spotted their ultimately creative designs!

Just when I thought that they can’t get anymore creative after being so popular for their Gun-detailed accessories, Vlieger & Vandam have now launched their Crucifix collection, which features the most finely finished leather goods, with a large statement Cross on. Formidable!

When they selected Cloud of Lace among 8 amazing contemporary bloggers from around the world to feature this piece of art of theirs via The Crucifix Tour, we were extremely thrilled, & started working on the themes to feature it. This is only our first… Why more than one? Because we can!

I assembled this beautiful crucifix bag with my very own Cloud of Lace dress. Those two resemble the two major sides of me. Leather and lace. Edgy and astute. Dark and light. And the setting was no other than the enchanting campus of the American University of Beirut, where everything I am now was intensified.

DSC_2478 The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour The Crucifix Tour

Dress | Cloud of Lace

Bag | Vlieger Vandam

Shoes | Christian Louboutin

Watch | Roberto Cavalli

Shades | Porsche Design

Cats | Available for adoption by AUB‘s Cat Society!