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{… Every cloud has a lace lining}

Cloud of Lace has been a spontaneous demure journey for me so far. Its way was always quiet, never depicted, yet was fully ignited with the passion of each and every little detail it conveys to the world… On its first year live, this blog’s fame was viral, purely organic, and came solely from the appreciation of the lovely niche of readers it has gained along its subtle way.

The next step for Cloud of Lace is to emit all that vivacious energy it has yet been keeping from the world. This blog will turn into a brand name, an online boutique, and an editorial where exclusive, unsurpassed, unique, visionary, plush, elegant minimalists like us will be honored.

All what we can share right now is our gratitude for you, our followers, readers and visitors from across the planet. Each comment, like, and mere visit was sincerely heart-warming, and we hope we can repay you back by giving you the most thrilling features you will ever see out of this part of the world.

We can’t wait to start this journey, and we will be more than thrilled to have you on board! Please note that we would love to hear your input and feedback on what do you like/expect to see next…