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Cloud of Lace has not only been a space for me to voice out to the world my passions for all those wonderful little things around me, it has also been a portal where I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, of whom I’m extremely excited to showcase for you! Today I was thrilled to cover Zobaida Akkari‘s photo-shoot of her debut collection… That is, her very first, ever!

Beirut’s weather was perfectly costume-made for a photo-shoot: Sunny with just the right amount of clouds, cool windy breeze, and clear air. The chosen locale was an urban seaside open space.

By 11am, Zobaida was so nervous, had minimal sleep and no breakfast (which was resolved by some take-away croissants), her car was stuffed with all the combinations of outfits the model has to wear, and was still reviewing last-minute changes! But the best part was that despite the nervousness secondary to her debuting her first pieces, this energetic designer kept her fun-spirit and wit all along, making her crew comfortable, and the whole shooting day a very fun experience!

Zobaida Akkari for Cloud of Lace

She ought to be modeling her own pieces πŸ˜‰

Her items consist of creatively distinguished blazers and shirts. The combination of their design, colors and fabric, made each item a signature piece.

I’ll be introducing this promising upcoming fashion designer, her line, style and future plans at an interview post, and will leave you now to behind-the-scenes images featuring her very first photo-shoot πŸ™‚

It wasn't easy to pose because of the winds

It wasn’t easy to pose because of the winds.

Zobaida Akkari for Cloud of Lace

Zobaida Akkari for Cloud of Lace

Zobaida Akkari for Cloud of Lace

& look who we've met during the day!

& look who we’ve met during the day!


Oh, & did I mention that Miss Akkari has an impressive collection of Louboutins? I know you’ll love her! πŸ˜‰

A beautiful compilation of a couple of blazers & a Loubs

A compilation of two beautiful blazers & a Loubs