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Beirut and all its surrounding suburbs are full of showrooms and boutiques that feature the latest of global and Lebanese clothing brands and designers. Where ever you go, there’s no street that doesn’t contain at least one clothing store. It’s a fact that the majority of Lebanese women (& men) are more passionate about clothes and taking care of their appearance than any other population around the world. Our constant need for distinction is reflected in always trying to find unique pieces to wear, that are not mass-produced. This, lead toΒ the evolvement of retail concepts that feature Lebanese designers and their products, like Beirut Designers.com

I haven’t had the chance to chat with the owners of BeirutDesigners.com yet, and I believe that this website needs a bit of retouch here and there, however, I urge you to take a look at it.

This online store features a lot of gems from the Lebanese designers community. There, you can find both casual and couture pieces, as well as shoes, bags and accessories, and a limited section of paintings that would hopefully grow to include more artists.

My favorite items are from Dalida’s Designs, HariTHanD, Missak HajiAvedikian, Nadine Zeni and Mia’s Closet… & the best part is that so many items are on sale now πŸ˜‰