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I LOVE (eating) chocolate, especially dark one… On the other hand, I was always tempted to try out that luxurious chocolate body wrap atΒ Lifestyles Health Club & Spa… & It was amazing I wanted to have more & more of it!

So I decided to do it myself at home (after several failed attempts, since I kept on eating the chocolate portions :p), and here’s how I formulated the recipe for a facial, which could also be used to the entire body:

1/3 cup of dark chocolate

1/4 cup pf honey

3 tbsp of heavy cream

2 tbsp powdered oatmeal (You can substitute it with brown sugar)

Mix the ingredients very well, then apply to your cleaned face for around 15-20 minutes. Smudge/massage every now & then to move the ingredients around for your face to absorb as much nutrients as possible. Then wash gently with lukewarm water, & tap to dry your face with a soft cotton towel.

The Result: Chocolate is well known for its antioxidant properties, in addition to moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-inflammatory properties from its Shea and cacao butter ingredients. The mask made my face silky soft, & was totally yummy…. Relaxing πŸ˜‰