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We tend to spend too much money on different beauty products, which may easily be substituted by simple combinations of ingredients that are already present at home!

I never thought that the uses of Vaseline can go beyond healing dry skin, however, here’s a list of how it can be incorporated into our beauty regimen:

  1. Use as lip gloss for a pretty and therapeutic effect! Those small Vaseline tubes that come in flavors are available at any drugstore or grocery shop.
  2. Soften dry and cracked elbows and heels: Apply over dry areas before going to sleep, wear socks when applied to heels, and wake up with the softest spots ever!
  3. If you’re messy at this like me, apply to the skin around your nails while doing at-home manicure, to prevent and easily remove color stains around them.
  4. For dry cuticles: Store a mini vaseline container or tube in your purse, andΒ utilizeΒ it for the times of emergency.
  5. For your perfume to last longer: Apply a small amount all over your perfumed points, i.e., behind ears, base of the neck, cleavage and wrists.
  6. To remove lipstick smudges over teeth: Spread over the smudge and then remove with cotton or wipes.
  7. Make-up remover: Apply over a cotton pad, and then easily remove your make up. To remove last night’s fine mascara smudges, apply over a Q-tip and have a pretty fresh face!
  8. Blush-booster: Mix with red or rosy lipstick and apply as a cream blusher!
  9. Glossy eyeshadow: Mix a small amount with your eyeshadow to use as glossy make-up, however, be careful not to use too much Vaseline, or your eye make up will smudge!
  10. To soothe eyebrows plucking: Apply to moisturize the skin and the hairs before plucking.
  11. Prevent hair-dye from sweeping into your forehead: By applying a generous layer all around your hairline.
  12. Use a small dab to add a fast shiny finishing touch to your shoes right before you go out.
  13. Not ready or just too busy to have a trimming session? To hide split ends, apply a small amount on your damaged hair ends after styling.
  14. To get those nail polish bottles to open next time you decide to do your nails at home, rub a small amount under the cap.
  15. Exfoliating body wash: Mix with rough sea salt, or brown sugar, and come out of the shower feeling soft and glowing!
  16. Lip exfoliant: Mix with white sugar and apply for a few minutes. Then scrub your lips using a toothbrush.
  17. It helps remove false-lashes glue from your lash line.
  18. Jennifer Aniston swears by Vaseline’s effectiveness in preventing wrinkles and keeping the skin around her eyes fresh and hydrated! Use alone or mix with your serum, and apply to eye area daily before bed time… Who knew!

I’ve already started applying most of these (well I didn’t dye my hair-yet), and the results are amazing!Β If you have some more beauty tips on how you use Vaseline, please share them with me.

Until next time,