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I’ve never been fond of sparkly, over bright, or shiny material of any sort to be added to clothes. Be it stones, beads, or crystals and sequins… I simply feel that such materials are cheap, and they just degrade the outfit.

However, time really is a tricky devil.

As I grew older, I definitely still hated sparkle in the form of crystals (or strass) embedded in any outfit, but I became more appreciative of creative artworks that display assortments of materials (beads, sequins, or even pearls!), provided that they’re displayed elegantly, with meticulous finishing. This meansΒ no plastic cheap material, no visible threads coming out of ugly holes in an obviously fake crystal or pearl, no over the top fake stones, and finally, no vulgar shiny metals incorporated in any form or way into my clothes.

That being said, and with summer deeply rooted in our lifestyle here in Beirut in the form of outings and partying, I couldn’t but fall in love with this sequined top by Pamela Sfeir, a young and talented Lebanese Designer.

Paired with a white pants or shorts and of course,Β a perfect tan, this top is so feminine with its bare shoulder sleeves. Somehow, sequin is flashy,Β the right way!

I’d love to know your thoughts… Do you like sequin? & how would you wear it?