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Image by Beiruting.com

Cuddled up in the heart of Beirut, La Bodeguita Del Medio  brings the essence and spirit of Havana, Cuba… With its Cuban style decoration, colored walls that are covered with signs and frames of significant Cuban symbols, vintage wooden floors and tables, luxurious Cigar displays and lounge, authentic Cuban cuisine as well as culture-specific cocktails, all are engulfed with the tunes of authentic Latino rhythms, played by the Cuban band.

Image by Beirutnightlife.com

This place, located at the old Damascus Road, has an attractive architecture. It’s design is distinct with a high sense for every detail. From the exterior look and feel of La Bodeguita’s building, right to its door handle. From the lighting, to the smell of the air inside (which is a mixture of high quality Cigar and wood), to the widespread happy spirit present among its clientele, and then right to the mouth-watering taste of its delicious food (especially La Bodeguita Del Medio’s specialty ice cream, that contains rum raisins), and drinks, especially Mojito’s  😉

Image via Beirut.com

Each and every time I visit, I can’t but admire the exquisite interior design, with all those Che Guevara pictures, paintings and illustrations, those photos of Havana and cuban people, in addition to some celebrities & happy customers… The look & feel of the place are inspired by the original one first established in Cuba, and then those founded in Miami, Berlin, Prague, Kiev, London, & several other cities around the world.

Image via Beirutnightlife.com

The place is constituted of two floors, and a terrace for the warmer season. The ground floor is where the bar, the cigar lounge, & the band are, whereas the upper floor is constituted of elegant tables, set around a square central opening, that ensures the spirit of the ongoing Salsa & the band to spread upstairs. Note that even if you’re sitting at the upper floor, the band will also pay you a visit! 🙂

At the upper floor. – Image by Beirutbightlife.com

Even though I dislike the conventional smell of cigarettes, and I don’t smoke myself, I can’t help but admire the smell of the tobacco leaves that constitute a fine authentic Cuban Cigar. The Cigar lounge, with a Cigar menu containing a wide array of fine cigars that are also beautifully displayed, is quite admirable.

Later on in the evening, as the music goes louder (and the cocktails start to have their effects), you’d see people, from all ages, happily dancing on Latino rhythms played by the band, all with wide smiles on their faces, everyone partnering with everyone, dancing and wandering around, clapping for the musicians, greeting us and everybody with just a smile and a nod as they go by, as if everybody truly know everyone around! The place is surely a hit for both amateur, as well as authentic senior Salsa lovers.

For all the people who are always fascinated by the authentic Cuban culture, La Bodeguita Del Medio Beirut, will guarantee you a rich experience for all your 5 senses, leaving you in the most jolly mood by the time your evening ends…

image by Beirutnightlife.com

Aleida Guevara at La Bodeguita Beirut. – Image by Beirutnightlife.com

Some interesting wall illustration of Guevara. – Image taken via my iPhone.