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Hello again!

First, I would like to apologize for taking so long to get back to you again. See, I love my blog so dearly, that I can’t just post something on a rush.. Things have been going hectic lately, with so many changes that are inflicted onto me, or by me…

My parents are finally convinced that our salon needs a facelift. We have gorgeous pieces of furniture, that were costume-made, by hand, with a charming authentic rustic finishing. Unfortunately, for my parents lack of time, these well chosen pieces were not complimented with the ‘appropriate’ (in my opinion) accessories, especially chandeliers, curtains, and paintings.

To start with, I’m re-designing our book storage area, hence, the sarcastic title of this post 😉 We are a family that feeds on reading, so we almost have a couple of thousands of books (literally) that I’d like to display in a more efficient, yet attractive way. I’ve been doing extensive online search for ideas, so please help! I’m so open to suggestions on this matter!

Then, I found a lovely antique furniture gallery some while ago, that I haven’t had the chance to re-visit, but will definitely do so soon. Reason? The most magnificent home decor, ones that look like they were especially made for me, ones to die for! I just melted with fascination by their pieces of art!

I will definitely be updating you with pictures, as soon as I can. Actual work hasn’t started yet, however, I’m on the lookout for inspiring ideas. Here’s one chandelier that I totally liked from Design Seeds. If the pastel blue color is replaced by a deep red wine shade, this elegant piece would be ideal for my living room.

And another one, that I’d adopt and install in a heartbeat! Just the way it is..

Ok. The idea was to concentrate on that marvelous chandelier… However, you can’t help but notice the lovely couch and its pillows, no? How about that marvelous carpet? & the background? Made me melt with fascination 😉

I’ll be waiting for your suggestions on bookshelves ideas!