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I love rainy weather. I think I have previously mentioned that, and can’t promise this will be my last time. Stormy weather has been so prevalent in Beirut for the past couple of months, where sunshine only unveiled itself for a short few days period… The point here is that I’ve become the lazy kind-of-a person, finding the slightest excuse to keep ‘hibernating’ at home. This has caused major delays in my everyday tasks, whenever I have a day off at work, not to forget neglecting going out with friends and socializing.

I simply hate to get wet. I get cold very easily (I normally carry with me a sweater or a light jacket during summertime!), which would ruin my whole outing, if not week! On the other hand, I hate to dress up like a nylon bag in order not to get wet. I particularly dislike rain boots. They are most unflattering, and unfeminine creations -next to the dreadful Crocs! 

However, after spotting these Chinese Laundry elegantly detailed Rica rain boots, I found myself able to slightly bend my perceptions, just for this one piece, which not only protects my feet from getting wet and cold, but it also would bring me enthusiasm to dwell outside on a day like today 😉