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I have an obsession for dresses. Of all kinds, textures and prints. The more I stack in this poor closet of mine, the merrier my state of mind is (& the less that of my mom is)! Everyday dresses, evening dresses, beach ones, whatever time of the day is, wherever I go. However, Beirut’s winter has been endlessly crazy this year, as indicated in my previous blog post: Dirty Laundry, to the extent that I’m craving summery dresses, now, from under the deep layers of the warm blankets I’m curled into while writing this post! Deafened by the stormy winds, thunder & rain showers outside.

My favorite types of dresses are the maxi-length ones. I think they are so feminine, classy and figure flattering in a less obvious way than the short ones.. But really, how lovely are these Cancan Ysterike dresses?

The photo-shoot & the locals are quiet amazing as well!