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One of my 2012 resolutions is to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Other than hitting the gym more often than I currently do (or don’t), to ‘live healthy’ also entails eating healthy. The challenge here is to keep on creating yummy, yet healthy recipes. Here’s mine for pancakes, which I learnt from my former yoga instructor:

Combine one handful of whole grain flour with 2 egg whites, a sprinkle of vanilla (could be replaced orange, maple, blueberries, almond..), 1-2 tbsp water, and a dash of cinnamon. Mix well and then place in a heated pan. Flip after a couple of minutes to create something that looks like a pancake. I topped mine with 2 tbsp of fat-free cottage spread cheese (that’s what I had in my fridge) & 3 tbsp of homemade strawberry jam (also cause that’s what was available in the fridge!), and two table spoons of warm maple syrup.

This breakfast hasย the ideal balance of proteins and carbs necessary to keep me going for the day, & it happensย to be wonderfully tasty, all under 250 calories!!