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Lists, of all kinds, are always of help to keep one’s daily routine organized. I just love to make lists of everything, simply because crossing out items I’ve already done grants me the small (or enormous -depending on the importance) spurs of satisfaction necessary to fuel up my motivation to keep going, and ultimately, finish it all!

It’s true we all now have iPads, iPhones, Blackberry devices and all sorts of techy toys that does all the listings easy, but it’s always fun to hang a piece of paper on the fridge, the bed-side table, on our desk or at our closet’s door, that contains all those items we need for Saturday’s dinner for example.

So here are some sample ones I’ve created on my own. These came handy during the festive season, and were just right before my trip to Cairo, where I had to shop, make gifts and pack all that I need without forgetting anything. They were also helpful for me to monitor my spending, though I always fail at keeping a budget -perhaps that would be the perfect self-improvement resolution for the new Year! Neat!

Oooh! Be still all you OCD’s out there! Pics are coming soon! πŸ˜‰

Happy New Year Everybody!